Can ArcGIS Pro Tasks be converted to web apps?

01-23-2020 12:37 PM
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I worked through the web course for "Automating Workflows using ArcGIS Pro Tasks".  I was wondering if there is a way to turn a task into a web app?  I work with an emergency management group.  Those who deal with the emergencies do not have access to ArcGIS Pro, but might have need of a web app similar to the tasks created in the class.  Is there a way to create such an app?

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I am sad that no one has replied to this as I search for this exact question... because that would be the natural next step in the development of this component of the ESRI product line.   


I do not know the answer, but I assume based on Nil response and that my searching came up with nothing....  The answer of natively publishing a task to work in an app is probably going to be no.  You would probably have to design a widget to do the work of the task interface.

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I suspect the answer here will be to use workflow manager instead...?

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