Bug with Two Geoprocessing Widgets with Upload Capability in a Single Web App?

02-01-2019 10:51 AM
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I'm getting some weird behavior from the Geoprocessing Widget in Web AppBuilder.  I already have two geoprocessing services/widgets present in the Web App.  One of these allows for the user to upload a file.  I am trying to add a third geoprocessing service/widget to the Web App which also allows the user to upload a file, but it is acting odd and not displaying all the input parameters.

If I add the new geoprocessing service/widget to an empty Web App it comes in just fine.  If I then add the other geoprocessing service/widget that also has an upload capability, it acts up again and will not display the inputs.  It seems to be an issue with the upload as any parameters before the upload file parameter show and all parameters after it fail to show.

Has anyone else seen this behavior and any work arounds?

Thanks in advance.


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