Auto-refresh attribute tables when the associated layer is set to a refresh interval

03-23-2015 09:31 AM
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Just a feature request to have the attribute tables auto-refresh when their associated tables are set to a refresh interval.

A specific use case is a police/fire vehicle and call tracker where new calls and vehicles are updated on the map via a refresh interval on their layer.  Currently, only the map updates, not the associated attribute table.

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Jason Klrkland​,

If you go into the \widgets\AttributeTable\Widget.js file and add

setInterval(lang.hitch(this, this.onRefreshButton),3000); // setInterval(expression,milliseconds);

I added it right after the refresh button is called around line 1492, but I am sure it could be called other places as well. It would look something like this.

        this.refreshButton = new Button({
          label: this.nls.refresh,
          showLabel: true,
          iconClass: "esriAttributeTableRefreshImage",
          onClick: lang.hitch(this, this.onRefreshButton)
        setInterval(lang.hitch(this, this.onRefreshButton),3000); // setInterval(expression,milliseconds);

This calls the refresh of the attribute table every 3 seconds. I did notice that if the attribute table has lots of features or tables to load it takes a little longer. Also this will continue to refresh the attribute table even when it is closed.

This would be great to have in the AGOL version too.

With a little more work I am sure you could add it as a button to toggle the refresh option.


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Also if you did not want to see the little image flashing every time it reloads the just add this in the onRefreshButton function


like this around line 1555

      onRefreshButton: function() {
        if (this.layersIndex > -1) {
          if (this.grids[this.layersIndex]) {
          if (this.graphicsLayers[this.layersIndex]) {

          if (this.config.layerInfos[this.layersIndex]) {
            this.config.layerInfos[this.layersIndex].loaded = false;
            this.startQuery(this.layersIndex, this.config.layerInfos[this.layersIndex].extent);
        this.showRefreshing(false); //added this


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