ArcGIS Online popup will not let me log in through WAB

07-24-2019 10:36 AM
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I have a feature service that is secured on arcgis server.  The service has been added to ArcGIS online with the credentials saved.  The Feature service has been added to a map which I've made a web app out of.  All of this has been shared to a group.

Currently users of the group can open the web map and view the service by logging into their ArcGIS online account and opening the web map.  The web app is custom and I'm hosting it on the company web server.  It's been registered so I have an app id and secret.

I setup a redirect to https://localmachine:3356 and I'm able to develop.

I push it to the web server (download and copy and paste) and also have a redirect to https://webserver/appfolder

When I go to https://webserver/appfolder the ArcGIS Online login window pops up, which is what I want.  I type in my credentials and it tells me my username and password are wrong when I know they are correct.

{code: 400, message: "Unable to generate token.", details: ["Invalid username or password."]}


I turned off chrome add-ons to be sure something wasn't messing with it.  I don't get any errors in dev tools console.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

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