Any known limitations of the Launchpad theme?

07-27-2015 09:03 PM
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Does anyone know any known limitation of the launchpad theme? I really like it and I am thinking of switching from tab theme to this for my application and while I was testing it on my old iPhone 5S, the app crashed when I tried zooming in on ocean basemap. Has anyone else have any similar issues or different  issues using the launchpad theme?

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   I have not had any problems with the theme so far. I even switched my basemap to the oceans basemap and tested on iPhone 6 with no issue.

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Functionality works well for me at this point; of the themes available, Launchpad is the one that appeals most to me.  One major drawback, however, is that on a small mobile device, using a tool takes up the entire screen.  Drawing or measuring is impossible since the tool deactivates once you close the tool window in order to see the map.  I'm hopeful Esri fixes this in the next update - preferably to allow the tool window to take up only half of the screen, or at least allow the user to minimize the window (both functionalities are present in other themes).  I may use the Foldable theme in the meantime until this is fixed.

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The launchpad issue on mobile devices has been fixed in developer edition 1.2 release, and will be available in next online release, which should be in the middle of Sept.

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