3rd party API and sessions in a widget

02-17-2020 05:03 PM
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Hi all,

DISCLAIMER: I am not a web developer!

I would like to build a widget (or two) that can authenticate to an API and then use the session ID from the response to be used for subsequent GET and POST calls. As I understand it I cannot set cookies from the client. I read up on the standard sessionStorage but not sure how that would work within widgets.

I have built a python script to do this using sessions that does this easily and I am looking for an approach that will either make this possible in a single widget or (even better) I could have a authenticate widget and then use it another widget - perhaps using the DataManager (but that is for another time).

the objective is to authenticate to an Asset Management API and then download either, asset informatin, work orders and display them as point data within a feature collection in the map.

If anyone has experience or examples that could help, please share.

Thanks in advance,


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