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WAB attribute table widget - export to csv - xy coordinate unit configuration

07-24-2017 04:24 PM
Status: Open
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Context:  When exporting a point dataset to csv using WAB's attribute table, AGO appends an x and y field and populates with coordinates based on the data's spatial reference.  There is no option to configure the output units for x and y.  The default seems to be web merc coordinates in meters.  We'd like to be able to configure the widget to export the x y coordinates in decimal degrees, a format that our audience can use without needing to do a translation.

by Anonymous User

I can definitely agree with this statement. Added functionality to select output coordinate system is a necessity especially if dropping into Desktop for further analysis.


I tried reprojecting my data to GCS WGS 1984 to rectify the issue (my desired outcome is to have decimal degrees for X and Y) and I'm still getting the web mercator X and Y.

spatial ref

But alas, the output CSV still looks like this.

excel xy


This needs to be addressed as this is not good practice that the WAB Attribute Widget exports a CSV file with web merc coordinates by default but when you try to load this same file back into either a WAB application or an ArcGIS Online Map it does not recognize it as having valid location data or plots it incorrectly. I agree with Meg Hoole that we need to be able to configure the widget to export the x y coordinates in decimal degrees, a format that your audience can use without needing to do a translation.

ArcGIS Online csv XY load error

Sample Export Data


Katie Cullen‌ has this been reviewed?  I find that there are many many many ideas in Geonet that appear as "new" such as this one that was created 2 years ago....any updates would be appreciated.  thank you!

by Anonymous User

There was actually a bug logged for this recently:

BUG-000120358: In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the Attribute Table widget 'Export to CSV' option fails to maintain the XY values in the same spatial reference as the data.

Meg Hoole do you want me to attach you to this?


If you export to csv from the item details page it does seem to honor the spatial reference. 


Hi Kate,

Yes that would be great as I am not sure what the "item details page" is that you refer to in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS?


Yes please and Scott Larkin‌ too if you can.

Scott Larkin‌ I think Katie means that if you go the source hosted feature layer's item details page (i.e. every item has a details page accessible via the content page, or in WAB it may be available via the layer list widget if configured as such).  This is a bit convoluted for an end user to know how to do tho....


I agree, I did think about this but figured trying to get an end user to do this is way to much of an expectation and would only generate more questions on how. 

Thanks Meg


Hi Katie... curious if there will be any further work on this BUG-000120358?   Today when I export csv from WAB attribute table widget - no coordinates are included in the x and y columns.... not even web merc, and the ago hosted feature layer was published using web merc.    It would be really nice to get this resolved!  Thank you


Having the option to to configure the x and y coordinates when exporting from the Query widget would certainly save us a lot of hassle.