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[Table Widget] Export more than 2000 features

07-27-2020 12:56 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III


Using Table Widget, I can only export 2000 features to csv when my service maxRecord is set to 2000.

However, using the Selct Widget on the same service (with 2000 features limit), I'm able to export all the features I've selected in my app (for example 8000) in a csv file.

Could it be possible to export more than 2000 the same way through Table Widget ?


I agree that there needs to be a simple way to export all the rows to csv if necessary.

We ended up building a custom geoprocessing widget to export to excel just so users can exceed the limit of the feature service.

The query widget lets you load more features by tediously clicking a button to load them all and then export, but the user cannot create their own query, so it's not a good way to easily export lots of records. They would have to do all that clicking to load every row every time.


It would be really helpful if the Attribute Table widget could page requests to a service, enabling users to query, display, and export those larger record sets to CSV. Ideally the widget configuration would enable setting the number of records returned in the widget. We are now exploring a custom solution to enable this functionality in Enterprise Portal as increasing the MaxRecordCount to accommodate all of the records in the dataset is a non-starter. 


Upvoted.  The REST API exposes functionality for retrieving pages of data as needed, due to the max record setting of a service. This widget should be able to make use of that API to enable exporting a complete set of data.


Upvoted to also provide alternatives out-of-the-box to export large number of records this way.


Same with Situation awareness widget. Capped at 2000 records. It should not be limited!!




Still need this. Users complain they export a list and only get partial data.

Table view shows 7,434 records matching filter, only 2,000 in CSV file.