Increased Related Record Functionality

05-04-2021 11:29 AM
Status: Open
MVP Regular Contributor

Web AppBuilder's related records functionality is limited in some pretty serious ways. In particular, it should be easier to located a related record from objects in the map. For example, if I have a parcel layer with a related table (say for sales history), clicking on the parcel on the map should automatically call related records in the attribute table of the Sales History table. As it stands right now, I need to click three times to access this information: 1) click on the parcel, 2) using the three-dot-menu click "View in Attribute Table" which is necessary to even select the parcel. Clicking the parcel on the map should probably select it in the attribute table, and 3) use the drop-down menu to "Show Related Records." 

Web Apps are frequently public facing, which means they really benefit from intuitive interfaces that don't require some amount of GIS knowledge to manipulate. This would be a very helpful improvement to the WAB platform.