Arcade Expressions in Web AppBuilder Widgets

02-27-2019 12:08 PM
Status: Open
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Hi Esri, 

It would be extremely useful and powerful for Arcade expressions that are set up in a web map to be supported in Web AppBuilder and that these expressions could be visualized across all 'widgets' in Web AppBuilder. 

There are so many use cases for Arcade Expressions and it's fairly disappointing that this is not a supported functionality yet. Currently it appears that only popups in the map and the attribute table honor the derived fields created in the Web Map. It would be great if Infographics, Filter, and Extra Data Sources could support these fields as well.

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I highly agree on this idea too. For users it would be extreme usefull to not only see values from Arcade expressions (f.e. with shape length and area) in a pop-up, but also to see them in the attribute table and other widgets in de webapp. The power of the webapp is not only to see the data of one single object, but to investigate multiple objects at once!

Thanks a lot in advance if you could make this possible!