Allow Filtering Based on Attributes Inside of the Infographic Widget Configuration

08-10-2017 01:50 PM
Status: Open
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Right now I can create an info graphic based on a map layer as a data source and if I apply a filter to that map layer the infographic will adjust to the filtered data. But I want to be able to create Infographics for the same map layer but that show different counts/statistics for features in that map layer and for subcategories of those features at the same time. In order to do this I need to be able to apply a filter to one of the InfoGraphics and not the other. For instance say I had a layer showing the location on Pets. And I wanted one info graphic to show the total number of pets, and another to show the total number of dogs based on the species field in the pets layer and a third to show the total number of Pit Bulls based on the breed column at the same time. There is no functionality to apply a Where Clause type filter to the infographic so I can't have one that just shows the number of pitbulls if I use my pets layer as the data source. I would also like these filters to allow for filtering based on multiple fields not just a single field. So if I wanted that last Infographic to just be male pit bulls then I could set the filter to Breed = Pit Bull AND Sex = Male based on two fields. I could create an Extra Data Source for Pets, and another for Dogs and another for just Pit Bulls since the Extra Data Source dialog allows for filtering. But the Filter Widgets do not allow for filtering of Extra Data Sources, so if I apply a filter to my map, say county, the infographics would not update for that filter since they are based on Extra Data Sources. I want to be able to show several different counts for features and subcategories of those same features at the same time in different Infographics. 


Hi Jack Cibor

I hope I understand your use case well.

Did you try the Query widget (instead of the filter) for your "extra data sources"? You will not be able to have the two in the same Infographic Widget, but need to create one for the total (based on the entire FS) and one for the query result. Would this answer your request? 



web appbuilder query widget‌

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I didn't know you could do that! I had the same problem as Jack, and this helped me solve it. Thanks for sharing!


I also really want the ability to filter / use definition query in the widget. In my organisation we have so many services that we're really trying to use them efficiently. By that I mean I use one service with very little filters and scale limits from the publishing stage, and then I use the REST-url to take specific layers and konfigure them in maps. So my services are never filtered from the beginging. Therefore I really need the ability to add a a filter in the widget.

Is this something you guys are going to do?Annina Hirschi Wyss

I would also really like the ability to summarize count of objects from different layers.


Does the query widget allow you to filter a map layer and an extra data source at the same time? Or would a user need to filter the map and query the extra data source as two different operations.