Allow editing panel in Smart Editor to be displayed above text

10-08-2020 08:36 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor

One comment we've received back on numerous occasions is that it's difficult to find the buttons in the editing panel when commenting on a map. Sometimes we need to provide pretty detailed directions for non-technical users which ends up requiring them to scroll to the bottom of the sidebar to find the editing panel. An option in the General Settings of the Smart Editor widget to display the editing panel above its corresponding text would be great!


Hi Preston Jutte‌,

Thank you for adding your idea!

Please would you be able to provide more details and maybe some screenshots to illustrate your suggestions?


Sure thing! I've included a few snippets below. The first two show how longer text for directions above the editing panel requires users to scroll down to start commenting/editing. The third shows where I think it might make sense to have a checkbox or some sort of toggle option to move the editing panel above the text/directions.

Example of long directions requiring scrolling to see editing panelExample of long directions requiring scrolling to see editing panelGeneral settings in Smart Editor widget where a theoretical checkbox/toggle option to display editing panel above text could go


Thank you for the details! I have taken note of this idea and will follow up if there is a plan to implement this.

For the time being, you may want to try adding an "About widget" to your application with the text information and set that widget to open on load.

See my example below (the theme used for this example is Foldable, but this should also work with other themes that allow adding widgets in two controllers/sections of the application - so that you can have both the Smart Editor and the About widget open at the same time) :