Add Multiple Related Records

03-21-2018 11:24 AM
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Thus is a repeat from the questions section, hoping to get as many views as possible:

Hey All-


I work for a company that does a lot of field inspections, and one of the Achilles heels of AGOL/WebApp Builder "out of the box" has been that inspection records in a related table must be added individually.


What I would LOVE to see is a widget in WAB that, similar to the batch attribute editor, allowed you to ADD a related record to multiple features in one fell swoop. In other words, if a hydrant flushing crew flushed 100 hydrants this week, it would be fantastic to be able to highlight those 100 hydrants, and then add a related maintenance record (with identical field values) to each with a few clicks that denotes they were flushed, without having to visit each point and add the same related data to each. I'd be happy to hear someone say this functionality already exists and I've just missed it somewhere in the last update cycle (PLEASE!), but I'm pretty sure it doesn't.


I'm not a programmer, so while I'm sure there's a way to program your way out of this issue with database triggers and custom widgets, it's probably out of my and many others league(s) for right now. I think this would be a VERY popular widget in the field-data collection and management community, so any info on plans for such a thing would be appreciated.




Hello Steve,

Thank you for submitting this idea! I've gone ahead and removed the Collector category so this idea can remain focused on Web AppBuilder. If you would also like to see this functionality in Collector as well, I recommend submitting a new idea to allow us to track votes for each application.





Based on your reply, is it correct to interpret it as meaning that there is currently no functionality like Steve describes across any of the ESRI apps? If not, then in addition to up-voting I would like to add that I also have a use case that could be covered by what I think would be the exact same functionality. In our use case, we manage a large collection of point features representing data collection locations. One location can be used for multiple projects/collections and I need a way for people to be able to build a sample frame when creating a new project. The scenario is similar to Steve's in that I would like people to be able to select all the features they need to be associated with a new project and then be able to add the same related record to all of them (a Project ID in this case).




I just wanted to add my 2 cents here. I also have a use case, we have a need for clients to select a number of locations to relate to a permit application. Hypothetically, let's say it is street performers. We would like for them to select their top 5 favorite designated performance spaces and have those places have a related record with the performers details attached at the time of submission. Then once in the table we can evaluate the related records and respond with the appropriate permissions. Is WAB the right tool, it is what I am most familiar with, if not would Survey123 be the next avenue for me to investigate?

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We would use this functionality in a botanical garden setting for treatment records and plant maintenance records (pruning, injections, etc)...for instance, groups of trees the arborists treat for a fungus or pest issue, which is repeated multiple times within a season, and also a lot of repetitive table entries currently (as in hundreds and hundreds every year)....could use it in Collector more so, but a Web App would work as well.


I can't believe this isn't possible, yet....


Also need to be able to do this, such as selecting multiple line segments (street medians) to schedule them for maintenance, which is logged in a related table. Right now I can use the Batch Edit widget to select multiple features and update, but not related table data. Or, I can use the Smart Editor widget to update related tables, but cannot select multiple features. Need a combination of the widget functionality. There is a related Idea on this also available to upvote.


I agree with KellyArmstrong that it is ridiculous that this isn't a common feature in ArcMap or Pro. I work for a park department and we have created an eighth acre grid that covers all park land that we enter natural resources treatments into (e.g. herbicide, canopy removal, mowing, etc.). This requires selecting anywhere from 1 to 1000's of grid cells at a time and adding the same treatment attributes for each cell into a related table. I have a tool written up in Python that has this functionality, but it was very surprising to learn that this isn't a basic feature in ArcMap or Pro.