Add a multi select to the filter widget in Web AppBuilder

01-11-2018 11:56 AM
Status: Open
Esri Esteemed Contributor

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS has some great possibilities to filter data with nested sets of filters. However, when a user would like to facilitate the selection of multiple items from the same field filled with categorical data, one could end up nesting many filters connected with an OR operator. 

It would be nice to have a multi select filter type that allow a single filter configuration and that allows the selection of multiple items from the same field. For instance a field that has a domain defined for it. 

Something like for instance in this jQuery example:


This would be quite useful for users (staff and general public).  Example 1:  Planners and developers want to filter to see specific commercial zones, like Industrial, Warehouse, Mixed Use, and Office.  Example 2:  Public wants to filter to see multiple parks in a list.


this idea is the same as this one: Query Widget - Multi Select 


I have been asking for this for years, good luck


This currently exists in Operations Dashboard - would be ideal if it also worked in Web AppBuilder. 


Yes, apparently the dev teams don't talk to each other...


This seems to have been added to the Filter widget with the addition of the "is any of" operator.  There is not the "Select all" aspect but other than that it is a good addition.


Fantastic, not perfect but much better. why can't everything have a clear all button? 

FYI. Only available for ArcGIS online currently. Hoping for WABDE 2.9!


Ive worked with AGOL and found this feature very useful for creating some friendly filters, especially being able to apply custom labels to values. Started working within WAB 2.9 and couldn't find this feature, went searching and anything remote RE: this discussion lead me to here.

How far away are we from this in WAB, it works well


WAB has already supported this feature since Online 6.2/DE2.9/WAB 2.9 release (July 2018), and there was also a feature of "Uncheck all" implemented with Online 6.3 /DE2.10/WAB 2.10 release (Sep 2018):

(The highlighted buttons are "Show all" "Show selected only" and "Uncheck all", respectively)

In configure page, either Multiple or Multiple (predefined) can be set for different requirements:


Hi Kevin, due to the uncertainty of user data, "Select all" option is not ideal especially with big data list (which a click might cause app to crash) - thus it will not be implemented for WAB.