What's new in Web AppBuilder (March 2020)

04-01-2020 04:32 PM
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The latest release of Web AppBuilder is now available. Additional features have been added to the Data Aggregation widget, now out of beta, as well as the Share, Smart Editor, Public Notification, Parcel Drafter, Infographic, Threat Analysis, and Emergency Response Guide widgets. Read the blog post for details.

 The enhancement for the Share widget


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Greetings Jianxia Song‌ I hope you and everyone are well. So, this addition to Share is extremely useful and powerful. Many, many thanks for implementing my idea! share widget Find a Place issue 

I tested it for our property viewer.   May I say, this was designed perfectly.  It waits to grab only a certain amount of results, and when you scroll more in the list, then it gets more, and so on. (Instead of getting the whole list and overwhelming it)   The 'Search More' prompt, perfect, the way it's initially blank, perfect. Thank you & the team!


One last question. (you know me I always have ideas for you and WAB  )  Do you think in a future update it can remember what Basemap was active, too?  share widget 

I will check the other widgets out. Do you have any "rough" idea for when this will come to Developer Edition or Beta QAnext site?  I know it can't be an exact timeframe, I was just wondering if you think April or more in to May.

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Thanks for your encouragement! The latest update should be picked up by Developer Edition on 4/23.

Will look into your idea of remembering the basemap in the url parameter. Stay safe.

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You as well Jianxia.  Thank you again for the beautiful WebApp Builder architecture and working closely with us all in the community.

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