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07-22-2011 02:56 AM
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I have come across some web links about a mobile verision of Flex. I would appreciate it if anyone could provide some up to date information  about Flex on mobile.

Is ESRI going to create Flexviewermobile?

Is there a another ready to go application?

I am trying to decide on a  mobile technology. ArcGIS for iOS Application, Windows, Android ...


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note that Flash an iOS will never work.
Flexviewer also cannot gain access to the integrated GPS. The best it can do is geolocation at this point.
However come Flexviewer 2.4 (sometime this month), there will be better support for touch-enabled devices and flash 4.5. A quick google will result in some good blogs on flash 4.5 and mobile apps. However, a ready deployable Flexviewer may not be in the cards, you may need to use the flex for arcgis api and go custom.

In some initial testing of current flexviewer with some of our tablets:
Blackberry playbook = not that awesome
Asus tablet and transformer = better
toughbook CF19 = better

again, without being able to integrate live GPS at this point...

Is this the link you were talking about?
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Hi Ian,

FYI, the ArcGIS API for Flex 2.4 release includes 2 mobile samples that show example Flex Mobile Projects that can be deployed on Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone), Google Android and BlackBerry Playbook.

Mobile Samples - Overview

Hope this helps,
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