Enhanced-Search-Widget-for-FlexViewer Part II

04-19-2012 08:03 AM
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   I am pleased to announce the next release of my eSearch Widget.


Version - 4/19/2012
* Added ability to search (flat/standalone/no geometry) tables.
* This time all Zooming uses the same scaling (popup, datagrid, widget results, zoom to all).
* Added Relates icon/button to datagrids so that you can click on it in the datagrid to
  open relates choice dialog.
* Move all skins to a skins package for cleaner organization.
* Links that are not associated with a field now work.
* Ability to disable the relates tab in the fixed widget is now configurable.
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It's fixed, thank you very much for your help.  Once I included the YPNO field as part of the fields tag, it started showing up in the url.  I was unaware that the field had to be in the fields tag.  Thanks again!
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   The only way the widget is going to know what fields to ask back from the query task is for them to be listed in the fields list. So any field you intent to use, for a link, the datagrid, etc has to be listed as a field in the fields list but that does not mean it has to be displayed in the widgets results. All you have to do is set the fields visible attribute to false and it will not be displayed in the results, but it still can be used for a link or a gridfield.

Don't forget to click the top arrow (promote).
Follow the step as shown in the below graphic:
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  New version is now available:

Version 3.0.9 - 9/13/2012
* Added an auto sync between the text search layer and the graphical search layer dropdowns.
* Depreciated the disablerelatestabinfixed attribute in favor of automatically setting the
  visibility of the relates tab for the fixed datagrid based on, if the layer has relates
  configured or not.
* Fixed datagrid now has configuration options for height and animation duration. Thanks to Kenny Horan
* Added an auto hide check box on the fixed datagrid to toggle the auto hide capability.
* Disablelinksifnull attribute now checks for empty strings as well as null values in the link fields.
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    As this widgets developer I would suggest that you pay close attention to my responses to your inquiry. In my last post I corrected some of the text in your expression. Go back to my last post and copy the expression as your had the order of the single qoutes and the percent symbol backwards.

Ups Sorry Robert I guess I was overlooking and I didn't see your response.

Thanks for the input though.

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Hi Robert!

I am updating your widget to version 3.0.9.
I have a small problem when I test the display of a number.
The XML config:
[HTML]<field name="SURFACE" alias="Surface" gridfield="true" currencyformat="m2|0| |." />[/HTML]

The new version displays: USD72 288
The current version: 72 288m2

(see captures)

Have I missed something?

Thanks for help ! 🙂
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   Thanks for reporting this. The issue is one line of code that was mistakenly omitted from the eSearchWidget.mxml. If you are using the source code of the widget my first suggestion is to go get 3.0.10 released yesterday and then open the eSearchWidget.mxml and search for this code block and make the addition indicated in red:

                                var args2:Array = curFormat.split("|");
                                    currFormatter.currencySymbol = args2[0];
                                    currFormatter.useCurrencySymbol = true;
                                    currFormatter.fractionalDigits = args2[1];
                                    currFormatter.useGrouping = true;
                                    currFormatter.groupingSeparator = args2[2];
                                    currFormatter.useGrouping = false;
                                    currFormatter.decimalSeparator = args2[3];
                                value = currFormatter.format(value);

I will have this fixed and re-released for version 3.0.10.
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Now I have :
Superficie: 9761.078281560

instead of
Superficie: 9761m2

It's better but it's not like before 😕
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The currencyformat attribute allows you to format a numeric field that represents currency values.


I never paid attention to it!
It worked for the previous version, while it was not a data "currency"... 😕

How should I do to display a number with default text after?

ex: 1000 m, 650 km... ?

Is it possible ?
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   The next new release is available:

Version 3.0.11 - 10/17/2012
* Added uniquevalsfromfield as a source for search drop down (like usedomain and userlist options).
  This now queries the map service for unique values of a field to use in the dropdown.
* Changed the default spatialreference in the xml to 102100.
* Fixed bug with spatial search using symbology from first text search layer instead of chosen spatial
  search layer.
* Changed the line width stepper in the GUI to use whole numbers (thanks to Bjorn for point this out).
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I saw that you made updates to your eSearch widget yesterday. Will you be making a compiled version available? Or am I missing something on github?

Thanks for your work, tools work great.

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