Create Email with Hyperlink to share map extent

10-12-2011 06:23 AM
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I've been trying to use the Pass URL parameters from the Flex API samples to pass a hyperlink of the map to an email message. I'd like to offer my users an easier way to share a map extent that doesn't require using the Bookmark Widget. There is great example of this on the Javascript gallery I really wish the esri development teams would release these the same tools across all the APIs.
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Sorry to be a bit off topic but has Esri or anyone else thought about allowing the user to save out a number of attributes that comprise a "state" of the map.  So zoom level, layers that are on or off, layer order, changed colors of a dynamic layer, etc. 

That way a user could get the map looking just the way they want then email someone a link or "map view state" file - so a hey look at this kind of thing.  It would also be really cool to be able to save the state at say 4:55 so that a user could start back where there were the next morning versus starting over.

I did something similar where I used toc.includelayers = [] then added to that list as the user added maps they wanted.  Then i had a save to a txt file button that could be sent to someone else to upload into the map.  It would be great to go beyond that.

I know someone could take the layers and build their own map but that is a lot more work.

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Thanks for posting this thread everyone. It has been very useful!

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