Bing as Basemap using flexviewer 2 and above

08-12-2012 10:11 PM
New Contributor
i need some documentation links for using Bing as basemap in flexviewer. Currently i have added a Bing key in Config.xml as below:
<bing key="MY-BING-KEY"/>
    <map  top="40">
        <layer label="Aerial" type="bing" visible="true" style="aerial" culture="en-US" />
        <layer label="Aerial with labels" type="bing" visible="false" style="aerialWithLabels" culture="en-US" />
        <layer label="Streets1" type="tiled" visible="true" url=""/>

When i run the above code it will show the Bing map, until the moment i switch to the Streets1 basemap. The moment i switch to Streets1 basemap it will become blank.

It looks like a projection problem, can someone please suggest me on how can i achieve this by re-projecting the Bing map over my cached map service.

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