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Does or will Video Server support 360 videos?

02-07-2024 02:20 PM
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Does or will Video Server support 360 videos? Any documentation or roadmap regarding this feature?

I understand ArcGIS oriented imagery capability was introduced with ArcGIS Online 2023 October release (Map Viewer), ArcGIS Pro 3.2, and ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2 (Map Viewer and ArcGIS Excalibur). The support for 360 videos is in the planning for the oriented imagery capability, which means the future client-side support for 360 videos. What about server side support?

Any information is appreciated.

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Here is an ArcGIS Experience Builder widget for the seamless integration of 360° videos into ArcGIS Online and Enterprise. It facilitate the swift deployment of large-scale 360° imagery projects within hours of collection, with the added advantage of storing video in YouTube or AWS for seamless access via ArcGIS.

GeoTube for ArcGIS




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Thank you. I'm aware of this widget. My question is about if a video-as-a-service published from Video Server will support 360 videos though. 

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Currently, support for 360 videos is under consideration and is possible in future releases of the product. There is no specific documentation or roadmap at the moment. However, adding the 'idea' of 360 video support to the site would be helpful and it could give other users an opportunity to support the idea by upvoting, etc.

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