Medium Non-Capital Cities Not Displaying at Small Scale

08-31-2022 11:34 AM
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I've noticed with the majority of default Esri basemaps that the cities displayed in Oregon at small scales don't make sense from a city population size perspective. Medford is consistently shown even though Eugene and Bend both have larger populations.


I went into the vector tile editor to try to change this and am struggling to figure out how. From what I can tell the cities I want to be able to see are medium non-capital cities and should be showing at this scale based on the visibility range.


Does anyone have any suggestions of what I might be missing?


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I am wondering this same thing. I am trying to display less populated areas at a fixed scale but only appear to be able to change font size of the existing labels and toggle visibility on/off.

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@KevinFreibergerJA I haven't gotten an official answer but everything I've found so far has indicated that unfortunately this is not possible. There are a few work arounds:

  1. Creating a custom basemap - this one is my least favorite as it seems incredibly time consuming
  2. Turning off visibility for the cities in the basemap and adding a cities feature layer that is styled similarly and has the desired visible scale range - this isn't ideal from a performance/loading perspective and adds another layer to the map but is a relatively quick fix with a living atlas layer
  3. Using JSON editing to add your own tile layer to one of the default basemaps - @TommyFauvell has a YouTube Video on this this option is more work than option two but way less work than option one so it seems like a good middle ground