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06-25-2019 08:59 AM
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Welcome and thanks for joining the Utility Network GeoNet community!

To get started we invite you to first review the group features on the overview page and familiarize yourself with the group info, space owners, and GeoNet terms of use. As you explore the group, you'll also find tools to connect and collaborate. We encourage you to use the Utility Network GeoNet community space to ask/answer questions, share files, and participate in discussions.

Feel free to use industry-focused community spaces to collaborate on items specific to the Utility Network Package tools and configuration process: 

Industry community spaces:

Electric and Gas


Water Utilities

We invite you to post a comment below to say "hello" and introduce yourself and share what part of the utility network are you looking forward to working on. We're excited to connect and collaborate with you and we look forward to seeing your contributions.

- The Utility Network team

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   I'm working on creation and implementation of Water Distribution Utility Network.

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The Water Utilities Link looks to be "Hidden or Archived".  It may be something on my end, not sure.

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