Viewing Containers and Associations in a Web Application

04-08-2021 05:16 AM
by Anonymous User
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We have a user who would like to maintain meters in a Container with associations back to the original service connection.  They would like the end user to have the ability to toggle the associations and connectivity much like Pro.  This would be in a mobile env. or from their desktop when viewing a web application.

Question 1:  Is this currently possible and I am missing something?  

Question 2:  Is Esri currently working on this functionality of not already possible.

As always, thanks so much ahead of time!

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The development team has been working on the ability to display associations in the Javascript API. The upcoming release of the Javascript API (4.20) is planning on having support for displaying connectivity and attachment associations. This uses the REST API SynthesizeAssocaitionGeometries operation.

Containment associations are a bit different as they require the use of display filters to toggled on/off. I am not sure if the actual display filter part is supported in the Javascript API or not. In the ArcGIS Pro environment content features are displayed by default unless the map is configured with display filters. You could use definition queries on the layers with containment associations based on the associationstatus attribute. 


Containment associations

Control associations visibility

Association status attribute

What is the planned release schedule for future 4.x releases?

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What is the planning for the development for a standard functionality to show associations @MelissaJarman ? We are using the Utility Network Model in our company and would love to offer such a functionality to our users. This way they don't have to use a expert tool such as ArcGIS Pro, and instead would be using non-gis, user friendly web application from our portal.

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