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03-09-2022 11:35 PM
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Is it possible to view UN associated features (from a utility association) the same way we view related records (from a relationship class) in the feature popup ?

By now, if I open the popup of an object with a relationship class and also with UN association, I only see the relationship and not the association. But if I select this object and show the attribute pane, I can see both.


Is it possible, or is it in the roadmap ?


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I believe you can configure a pop-up using Arcade Expression and FeatureSetByAssociation function. Also see this blog by @HusseinNasser2 


But I agree, it will be nice if popup shows nodes for UN relationships such as "Connected", "Contained By", "Contains", "Associates" etc. without Arcade expression if UN Device/Line/Junction/Assembly is popped up.

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