Utility Network on Linux?

01-25-2021 06:10 PM
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It was a little surprising but I couldn't find any posts here on Linux setups.  As-in, I searched the whole community for Linux and utility network it turned up really light.  I'm wondering about the viability of standing up a Linux-based ArcGIS Enterprise implementation and it's limitations with the Utility Network Extension, if any.

I've sifted through a bunch of documentation and this seems totally reasonable.  Nothing is jumping out at me that says the UN extension can't be enabled on a Linux install of AGS.  I'm less concerned with the flavor of Linux at this point.  More concerned with the lack of presence of this topic in the community.  Did I miss something?

Please send me a "Duh, it's right here..." link if you have it!  Or preferably, some of your experiences.


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You are fine to deploy on top of one of these Linux distros.


Anecdotally, my development environment has been running the ArcGIS Enterprise stack + DBMS on Ubuntu for the past few years.

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Thanks, @DanPatterson and @PaulLeBlanc1 .  I figured you two might respond.  Sounds like I'm good to go.  @DanPatterson, I think I understand your question...  yes, I am looking for the AGS extension as opposed to a fGDB with at UN.

Suppose I have a client that doesn't run a common distro.  Am I out of luck?  Please know that I'm barely treading water here.  Let's call Linux a 2021 new years resolution for me so it's right at the end of my mental reach at the moment 😉

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