Utility Network integration with other IS

04-24-2020 01:03 AM
Esri Contributor


need you thoughts or sharing best practices regarding UN integration with other Information Systems.

As example, let's say there is need to integrate GIS UN data with some Asset Management System. In GN world there are lots of possibilities build integration points using ArcGIS platform: implement SOE in Feature/Map service, publish GP task that can process some data and update GIS DB, finally using ArcObjects / Python make direct DB editing. So this could be like:

[ArcGIS Service + SOE]  << ==(REST / SOAP) === >> [AssetMngmt System]

If I correctly understand, the only option update data in UN - use of FeatureService + UtilityNetworkService REST API. And develop some ProxyGISServer that can accept incoming data from 3rd party systems using REST / SOAP / etc., and pass it to ArcGIS. So previous architecture could be like:

[ArcGIS UN Service] << === >> [ProxyGIS Integrator] << === >> [AssetMngmt System]


Are there any best practices, reccomendations how to achieve such kind of integration?

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