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07-28-2020 12:29 AM
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Is anyone can help with this error, we are getting continuously this error when we processed with our data.

A lengthy process to configure the UN model like the below steps.

1. Need to have enterprise portal login details

2. Need to have DB instance for migrating the data

3. In DB, user-related issues are throwing continuously when we create DB and applying asset package

Is there any way to perform this in FGDB itself in local environment without depending on portal or DB instances.

If yes please let us know. we will go that process and the process should be very clear as we are seeing ESRI contents are not much user-friendly process defined in their steps mentioned. A lot of confusion is there.

Request to review a user-friendly process in which a normal user can understand the process to migrate into the UN model.



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It appears you have features with the same global id in the device unit table.


Starting with 2.5, you can use Asset Package to File Geodatabase to create a file geodatabase based utility network from the asset package.

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Thanks for the update.

But we are unable to proceed, can you provide detail process from step1 to final migration, if any specific document other than esri links as we are confused with the steps mentioned in the link.

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