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Tool 'Disable Network Topology' crashes ArcGIS Pro

04-05-2020 11:46 AM
New Contributor III


I am working with Utility network 3.0 and ArcGIS Pro 2.5. I am having an issue with the tool Disable network topology. Whenever I run the 'Disable network topology' tool it crashes ArcGIS Pro. No matter if the Network topology is enabled or disabled. Although Enable network topology works fine. I don't know if it is worth mentioning that I am creating a custom Asset package.



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New Contributor

This tool, and the enable Network Topology tool was a thorn in my side all day today, though it did not crash Pro.  I would try the following:

1. Make sure that SDE.DEFAULT is public

2. Make sure that you are logged in to ArcGIS Enterprise as the user that published the services

3. Make sure that the version is set to SDE.DEFAULT

Good luck...


New Contributor III

Hi Rhyan, 

thank you for the answer. The thing is that I am working on the local environment and UN is in File Geodatabase.

Wierd. I don't see what I am missing here. 

Esri Regular Contributor

How many error features does your enabled UN have? Is it possible for you to share ( the data?

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I was able to reproduce this with a utility network on a File GDB.  One domain network (no assets, rules, etc...) and no data.

Submitted the error report.