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07-15-2020 02:05 PM
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With a client, I am currently using a couple of FGDB in an ArcGIS 10.8 environment to edit and publish several small town water and sewer datasets.  Normally I VPN into their network and edit data through a Desktop on a network machine.

What I would like to do is access the data from this client through a published web map with editing capabilities using ArcGIS Pro, so as to access the network utility tools.  I have read that this can not be done with the data in a FGDB as the data needs to be in an Enterprise database (SQL).    A multi user environment  would be nice and help, but not critical in this instance.

Soooooo, my question is "can SQL Express be used as the Enterprise database?" If so, are there any tricks, potholes or other issues that should be considered?


James Armstrong

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Hi James

Generally speaking, SQL Server Express has some limitations which may impact performance/usability for a production system:

  • 10GB database size
  • 1410MB RAM
  • 1 socket

Have you considered PostgreSQL as an alternative if full SQL Server Standard isn't feasible? 

Also, is your client licensed for full ArcGIS Enterprise, or only Workgroup level?  It is worth noting that Utility Network user type extensions cannot be added to workgroup, and workgroup geodatabases (which can only be SQL Express) cannot be used to power a utility network.



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Assuming that the client has been licensed for full ArcGIS Enterprise and there are no concerns related to performance / usability (this is a non-production system, a proof-of-concept environment)... Is the answer Yes, the SQL Server Express 2016+ release can be configured as an Enterprise Geodatabase housing the Utility Network? Please confirm 

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