Restrict network rules that are used only

09-07-2023 09:55 PM
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is there a way to delete rules that are not used in UN, so that only used ones persist in the model ?

Let's say that I was really permissive in my data model to be able to import feature without network errors, now I want to restrict to only those that are really existing in my database.

For instance, can we export the rule matrix using the udms toolbox containing only the used rules ?


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I am not aware of a tool that evaluates the data to get the list of used rules.  It is an interesting idea.

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I've been mulling over this and it would be trivial to find junction-junction, containment, and attachment rules since that is just walking the association table.

For the rules that apply to spatial connectivity, it would require running a connected trace on your entire network and walking the result. Doable, but difficult to scale (ie, where to place starting points, discovering islands, etc).

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Thanks, Paul,

Indeed, connectivity associations can be found and summarized using the Create UN System Table View from UDMS toolbox. The most complicated part is that only GolbalIDs are in the table, and we need to find Asset Group and Type for each globalID using the database Domains.

Maybe this is something that could be implemented in the Utility Network Properties Extractor Add-in ?

For the spatial connectivity, I found it easier to restrict rules, and then run the Summarize Utility Network Errors from UDMS toolbox, which give a pretty clear summary of the different Asset Groups / Types lacking connectivity rules.

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Can do it the old-fashioned way of manual inspection. For each rule writeout to console.

Console("<Rule name here> in use.");


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