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03-17-2022 06:23 AM
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I have a question about the "District Energy Network Viewer" map that comes with the Enterprise Solution Deployment. The Task that comes with the Solution says that it is specifically for publishing as a web map. However, when I do that, the labels are broken. They show values like <CLR red = "255">1</1CLR> rather than properly parsing into the colors and domain values (like they do in Pro). Is there something I need to do to make them work properly in a web map?



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Hi Allyson,

I found a couple of things that should fix the issue.

1. Only use the map service, not the feature service

2. Prior to publishing the map service, update the label expression for the lines to include $feature.subtype in the domain name portion of the expression so it should look like this:
"...DomainName($feature, 'ASSETTYPE', $feature.assetgroup)..."
this is in the label expression twice, change it in both places.

3. Confirm that you are updating the max number of domain records returned to over 10,000,000


I hope this helps!


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