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07-19-2021 07:38 AM
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Good Morning:

I am experimenting with the Arc Solutions Electric Distribution Data Management for ArcGIS Online package, specially the one that is set-up for an Enterprise system. I downloaded the File GDBs to my local drive and trying to determine if I can use my existing data to append into the File GDBs to utilize the trace network. I am going thru and deleting/clearing our the sample data and having issues with the Subnetwork Controllers. When I follow the Help section and select something that is in a Subnetwork, nothing in the dialog box shows up. With the attributes in a feature class attached to a Subnetwork, I am unable to delete it. Being new to the Arc Solutions features and working with ArcGIS Pro, I'm sure I am doing something wrong and looking for advice.

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In order to delete a record that is a subnetwork controller, you need to disable it first.


There are some tasks that detail the process of loading your own data. Deleting the features from the provided utility network will still leave the dataset in the coordinate system for Naperville. See

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This does help. Is there any other documentation on working with these GDBs?


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