How to resolve FDO ERROR: -2147216072 when updating subnetwork?

10-26-2020 09:28 AM
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I have been running into ERROR: FDO error: -2147216072 when running update subnetwork on a UN.  My database is Oracle 19C with customer specific tablespaces and DBTUNE configurations.  When I update subnetwork with ESRI OOTB tablespaces on the same dataset/different database/different service I am able to successfully update.  The error suggests that it is a FDO_E_SE_DB_IO_ERROR for SDE.  Steps I have taken to create the customer specific geodatabase.  I have increased the disk space on my Portal/Server Machine(Base Deployment 10.8.1).  I also have 50 gigs available of free space on database server.  Again, I do not run into failed subnets with OOTB SDE tablespaces/DBTUNE config.  There are no errors on the Oracle side, only in Pro and Server logs. disgisdb and sde user have unlimited tablespace allocated and all tables are on autoextend

1.Create Oracle 19C database

2.Create sde and disgisdb(UN Owner) users

3.Create tablespaces with SDE as owner

4. Enable Enterprise Geodatabase

5.Export Config Keywords from legacy 10.6.1 Geodatabase

6.Import Config Keywords to 10.8.1 Geodatabase

7.Stage UN

8.Apply Asset Package under disgisdb

9.Publish UN

10.Enable Topology

11.Update Subnets (Fails)

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