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How to add features to an existing UN Subnetwork so it is 'Connectivity' traceable ?

06-23-2020 10:24 AM
New Contributor

I am a newbie to ArcGIS Pro 2.5 and the Utility Network, learning how to place features for an electrical network and connect them properly so that they can be traced.  My first shot at this involved using the Naperville network examples, where I attempted to extend Subnetwork RMT005 by adding a new Medium Voltage Pole, attaching a new Medium Voltage Line End Junction, and finally connecting the new Junction to an existing RMT005 Junction.

The features I attempted to add are highlighted in yellow.

Add Features to Subnetwork

However, when I placed a Trace Location on the RMT005 Junction I supposedly connected to, and ran a Connectivity Trace, the new features were not part of the trace.

My many attempts to connect these new features were all unsuccessful (adding features, changing row values).  I thought it may have something to do the Subnetwork Name being 'Unknown', but this is a read-only field and won't allow me to change it.  Also noticed that the IsConnected field is False and that is also read-only.  I searched for some documentation or guide on this for a couple days now, with no luck.  This can't be that hard.

So my question is "how does one add new features to an existing subnetwork" so that the new features become part of the subnetwork connectivity trace?  I was hoping an experienced user can point out what I need to connect these UN features correctly; or possibly point me at some tutorial that would explain the procedure.

Thanks for your help !!

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