How many people have implemented the Utility Network? In process of Implementing the UN?

08-13-2019 09:44 PM
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Just starting to explore, and want to get a count as our Account Manager says only Guam, and I have to believe more people have either implemented UN or are in process.

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I work for an Asset Management company and we are in the process of doing a field inventory and building a GIS data model for a client. We started collecting the data in a Geometric Network format but they have decided they want their final model delivered in the Utility Network format. We have successfully converted the first substation of their system into the Utility Network format and delivered it to the client. By this time next year their organization will be centered around the Utility Network framework. 

We also have a client that has expressed interest in the Utility Network. We have finished our field mapping operations and have data for their entire system. We will most likely be migrating all their data to the Utility Network as well. 

It doesn't seem like there have been many implementations because there are a lot of growing pains around Pro, the tools, and the software itself since it is in it's infancy, but it is happening.

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 While the number of UN implementations active in a production state is low (2 or 3), we had over 180 customers planning, prototyping, or in the process of implementing the UN.

Resources on planning and modeling are available here:

Resources | ArcGIS Utility Network Management | Esri 

There is a whitepaper that discusses process and best practices for migrating data. It is located here: 

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