Hide (and Show) fields on Asset Groups in the Utility Network

02-07-2020 06:54 AM
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I think I've read that it's possible to hide (and show) fields on different Asset Groups in the utility network but I can't really verify that so I thought I'd ask. I know you CAN'T do this with Subtypes, but I'm seeing some confusing messaging with this capability on Asset Groups.

So, is it possible to do this and if so how do you do it?



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Hi Mike,

The way this is typically done is to use subtype group layers with your utility network feature classes.  Each sublayer will reference a particular asset group.  You can then bring up the field definition for that layer and hide fields as necessary (and give them better aliases, too).  You can then publish this map to ArcGIS Enterprise so that you can share it across your organization.

I hope this helps,


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Hi Rich,


As fittings, meters, valves, hydrants are accommodated in the same layer (Line) in UN, then how these asset groups can be presented along with their types as shown in the screenshot below?

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