Hardware Spec for Running UNME

12-10-2019 07:02 AM
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Are there any recommendations for the hardware spec for running ArcGIS Server as the Utility Network Management Extension licence role? I've reviewed the general ArcGIS Server system requirements but there is no mention of utility networks and there doesn't seem to be much talk about this on Geonet.

Our thinking was to have a federated ArcGIS Server on a dedicated machine away from the Portal and database elements - I think I recall this being mentioned as good practice on a recent webinar (possibly the Intro to UN for Water Utilities).  Thinking in the longer term to a point where we've successfully rolled out two domain networks (water distribution and sewerage) and the UN is being used widely across the business would it make sense to design this element to be a multi-machine server site?

I can see how just doubling the number of server machines would be good from a resilience point of view but would there even be a case for having one dedicated server site for dealing with editing and another for dealing with read only views and analytics? Is it even possible to set it up this way so that those functions are separated?

Any other UN users out there willing to share what sort of spec they are looking at for production systems?

Many thanks


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