Electrical Utility Ring network not able to perform downstream trace

09-29-2021 10:35 AM
New Contributor

There is a Electrical Ring network with are connected to multiple sources and Trying to trace to create down stream trace and subnetwork. Here the problem is not able to perform the trace actually the trace is stuck at the Busbar and not able to continue to the trace,

1) Need to generate trace for the entire network

2) Trace upstream and Downstream network

3) Need to generate Related ID's to entire connected Network for HT & LT

please provide the solution any help. 

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Esri Frequent Contributor

If there are multiple sources, then there is probably indeterminate flow, which means the up and downstream can be any path or all features.  

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Esri Contributor

I would suggest using a "Shortest Path" trace.  Since a Ring is basically the same as mesh, there are two or more paths to the power source.  As Mike pointed out, this create indeterminate flow direction, so a directional trace upstream down work.

John Alsup
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