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Creating a Utility Network ArcPro 2.5

03-20-2020 09:28 AM
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Does anyone have experience with creating a Utility Network from scratch in ArcPro 2.5? I have read through ESRI's help docs but am still a bit confused. I can perform the following but, get lost after these steps (link for reference):

Configure a utility network—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

1.) Use "Create Utility Network Tool" to stage the the utility network and create structure domain network feature classes.

2.) Use "Add Domain Network" to create the 5 empty network feature classes (electrical).

After performing these steps I am not too sure how exactly the asset groups can be applied and how to populate the attribute table of the network domains.  ex: "Electrical Distribution Device" table has drop downs to populate the fields but only has the option "Unknown."

If anyone has a recommended workflow or any insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Here's some steps for the automated (you already have the UN package tools installed) and manual configuration options. 

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response! I checked out the link but did not find exactly what I am looking for (or maybe I am over thinking the process). If I wanted to automate the process using an Electric Asset Package, is it required to deploy the newly created (empty) Utility Network to Portal in order to obtain ESRI's Electric Asset Package? I am under the impression that If I create an empty Utility Network (by running "Stage Utility Network" or "Create Utility Network") I can apply an Electrical Asset Package that will create the desired Assetgroups, Assettypes, etc... After I have that completed, I can then start migrating my data from a geometric network into the new model. Am I on the right path? I keep getting confused with the Asset Package part to automate the creation of Assetgroups, Assettypes, etc.... 

I have attached a picture of the table of contents and the attribute table of the "Electric Distribution Device" feature in a tutorial that was posted on ESRI (Get Started with the ArcGIS Utility Network | Learn ArcGIS ). My end goal would be to migrate my data into this format (similar symbology and all).   

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You don't need to deploy/publish your UN to access the asset package or editor map. You can download directly if you need to.

Frequently asked questions—Get Started | ArcGIS Solutions for Electric 

You can either migrate your data into the asset package before applying it to your UN or migrate into the UN classes after configuring the schema. I would suggest the former though.

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Hi Paul,


I have the same question.


In ArcMap, I’m used to create and trace simple (pipe lines and reservoir) utility network from scratch in less than 5 minutes.


Is this still doable in Pro?

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