Create Network Diagram for Diverse Paths

02-25-2021 04:44 PM
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Hi All,

I have a water utility network setup in an enterprise geodatabase.

I would like to know if it is possible to combine the output of 2 traces into a single diagram.

For instance, I am running a shortest pat trace between 2 points in the network. The first trace finds the shortest path and I create a network diagram from that selection. I then add those selected features as barriers for a second shortest path trace that I run so I can find an alternative "diverse" path in the network. I create a network diagram from that trace.

Now I would like to combine those 2 outputs into a single diagram, or have some mechanism to run the 2 traces and select all features to create a single unified diagram.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Many thanks.

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The various selection options on the Trace GP tool should do the trick (the default is new selection):



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Hey Paul,

That worked a treat. Thanks for the suggestion.

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HI @Matt_Milligan , 

Did you want this to still go into a diagram ( such as the network diagram)  or was the tracing sufficient? 

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