Containment/Grouping of Devices, Line & Junctions

12-29-2019 08:57 PM
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Hi all,

I'm trying to find out if this scenario is possible in the UNF.

In the Electricity industry we have High Voltage Switchboard/Switchgear that contain Circuit Breakers/Current Transformers (Devices), Busbars (Line) & Connections to Busbar (Junctions) as an example. The equipment would be considered to be contained within the switchboard (eg. Assembly). There also could be another requirement to logically group the equipment (eg device, line) together based on the function (eg. outgoing feeder, tx). Since there is no OOTB logical grouping provided by the UNF other than containment which only permits 1 containment within the network domain (eg. device contained within the assembly). Also, the logical grouping doesn't always apply to equipment contained within that switchboard as multiple switchboards can be connected together.

Has anybody tried to come up with a solution for this other than extending the UNF by creating relationship classes, etc.

Thank you for any time looking at this.

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