Can't edit features after running Update Subnetwork

02-03-2022 07:52 AM
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I am making some minor vertice updates to electric lines from a UN feature service in Pro 2.6.7 and then running Update Subnetwork on a specific Subnetwork Name to ensure end-to-end connectivity. However, after running the tool if I want to move on to the next subnetwork to make edits I am getting the following error:

Modify vertices failed. Layer is not editable. Review errors in the Status dialog or in List by Editing view of Contents pane.


Going to the Status dialog it mentions that Dirty Areas and Electric Subnet Line are noneditable, and all other layers are editable with warnings (using enterprise geodatabase).


My solution is to close and re-open Pro, but this is not sustainable. Thoughts on how to get around this issue?



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Just a shout out that I deal with the exact same problem, alot!

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Opening a new map, add date the feature class again. Try to use them without any symbology adjustments.
If it doesn't give an same error, apply your existing symbologies to your new map.

I had a similar problem and this is how I solved it.

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Would you say that takes about as long as closing Pro and reopening?

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