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06-16-2020 02:28 AM
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I have published the Utility Network dataset and I would like to do small changes for feature templates in ArcGIS Online. Is this possible and how?

Currently, the only way I see it is to republish the data. If I try to do changes for feature templates in Pro through the portal it will not be applied on service. I don't see any option for edits in ArcGIS Online even though I am the owner of the data and I enabled edits when I was publishing the dataset. How could I do this changes? This seems an as simple task, however, I don't seem to have a clue how to do it and not to republish the data. 

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neither do I, but 

Manage feature templates—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

makes reference to what is possible, if it makes any sense to you

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Hi Dan, 

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I was looking at this topic and the problem is that I have no options to manage my layers even though I am the owner. I find it weird and I just thought someone could point on what I am missing. For the dataset, I am unable to enable edits on it, but I have enabled it when I was publishing my data.

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I think that this may be a bug with ArcGIS online. We are using 10.6.1 and do not have the ability to update feature templates in the map, even though it is supposed to be part of the functionality.