Manually Specify Flow Direction for an Electric Feature

02-08-2016 12:26 PM
Status: Open
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Often in Electric GIS we draw 2 or 3 phase lines as a single line.  Often a singel phase will break away for a little bit and come back to the ohter 1 or 2 phases and join back up.  This creates a LOOP and a variety of funcitons will not work such as setting flow direction, tracing downstream, exporting to an outage managment program.

What we need is a third Geometric Network Attribute.  We have Enabled and Ancillary Role. We need something like Manual Flow direction.  Perhaps something that will set flow direction for the selected line to digitized direction.  The existing tool only works for Enterprise GIS and on the entire system.  For it to work we would first need a tool to set digitized direction to Flow Direction.  Fix the lines in quesition and then set flow to digitized direction.  And we would need it to work outside of a Enterprise Network