Which ArcGIS Mobile App?

08-24-2020 06:51 AM
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Hi everyone. I was hoping to get some feedback on which ArcGIS apps would work best for a project I'm working on.

I work for a telecom utility and our overhead cables are attached to poles that we do not own. Recently the pole owners hired a contractor to come out and audit which poles we are attached to and send us a bill. They sent me a table of the attachments and after relating the data, there are hundreds that do not match our records. I have been tasked with finding out which poles do not match. I have managed to create a layer with all of the poles that do not match from both sets of data.

Now someone needs to go out in the field and verify the attachments for each pole. I would like for them to have a mobile map of the pole layer I created and be able to check off each pole that has been verified. I thought Survey123 would be appropriate, but I need them to be able to know which poles they have left to investigate. I've explored Workforce and Collector but just not sure what the right (and easiest) configuration would be to accomplish this.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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You can certainly use Collector to do this.  Publish your poles (to check) as an editable feature service and author a webmap to use in Collector.  Add some attributes for your worker to input the information that you are wanting to know.    If you have a number of workers to coordinate, the use of Workforce can definitely help.


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To add to Marks response, here are some new features added in Survey123 that could help you model such a review workflow. The bit that will matter here is 'enhanced workflows with folders'.