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03-10-2020 08:34 AM
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I have a workflow where an email is sent using Microsoft Power Automate when a survey is submitted. I would like to include a link in the email to open the feature in the Survey123 field app. I have no problem using a URL parameter to open a web form, but I would prefer to use a URL Scheme (arcgis-Survey123://?itemID=etc...) to open the field app. Using the Gmail Connector I have not been able to figure out how to turn the scheme into a clickable link. it just shows up as plain text, even when using <a href> tags.

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Hi Mike,

Based on my testing, the gmail connector in Power Automate doesn't seem to take the link URL correctly in the body content. However, the same URL scheme will work correctly in Integromat. You can probably reproduce the same problem if you change the gmail connector to Office 365 email connector. This should be an issue with Microsoft Power Automate and I will suggest you to talk to MS support regarding the email connector issue.


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