Web Designer Published Survey Passing Domain Coded Value, Not Label

06-25-2020 07:13 AM
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I've seen a number of dated issues surrounding this; I'm still having problems! Published a survey from the web designer, all of the coded values to the single-choice or select-ones pass the coded value (lane_closure vs Lane Closure). I'm stumped!

The submitting applicant using the published version are seeing clean labels in the choice lists for the survey. But when I load the feature service into ArcGIS Pro, and build a layout using Dynamic Text to create a document of sorts, the coded values, not the labels are being used. This is also evident in the attribute table in Pro.

I've looked (and corrected) any values by updating the service definition and by double-checking the service within AGOL to ensure the lists were consistent between code and label. 

I've seen lots of similar issues by other users but have not seen a concise solutions. Maybe I'm missing something basic? Anyone have a direction?



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Hi Larry,

The issue you are seeing that Survey123 passes code value but not label is by designed. However, you could try to use Arccade expression to workaround this.

Please check this post to see if yopu would use Arcade for labels:


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