Glitch in Survey123 : undefined

06-22-2020 08:22 PM
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There is a glitch in my survey123 webform, and I am wondering if others have had the same problem.

The glitch is only present on the web version, it works perfectly on the app.

On one of my questions, the survey has to choose a Target from a drop down list. For some reason, the answer chosen always registers as "undefined', even though there is no "undefined" choice in the drop down list.

Like I said, the glitch is not present on the Survey123 app.

i have attached the survey form. the TARGET question is the one that does not work.

thank you,

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Hi Basilic,

What version of the survey123 are you using to publish? Could you check the survey123 from the survey123 website>Survey_name>Settings>Version and see if you are using the latest version?

I also noticed that you have French version of the form in your survey. Did the issue occur with French version or English version or both?

I was not able to reproduce the undefined issue using the latest Survey123 Connect to publish thoguh.

Could you confirm the version of the survey and also is the survey hosted on AGOL or an enterprise portal?

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