Watermark for Lat Long missing - for longitude

01-25-2023 07:14 AM
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First: I am trying to create watermarks on the images in Survey123 and its working ok but the Longitude is missing the negative symbol.

watermark="@[latitude longitude]&size=20"


This is what I see in the image

37.524532N 77.552535W


Second:  Is there a way to limit the number of sig digits in the Lat Long?  Had a request for just 4 sig digits.  Not a big deal but curious if I can

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I got the negative symbol like this.... 

watermark="@[latitude] -@[longitude]&size=20"


But still trying to remove a couple sig digits... Anyone have any thoughts on how to modify the [longitude] sig digits?

existing   37.524532N 77.552535W

want         37.5245N 77.5525W

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