Water Service Line Material Survey not publishing

03-06-2023 11:21 AM
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Hi, I am working with the Lead Service Line Inventory solution.  I am updating the Survey123 form using Connect and the XLSForm.  Before I made any changes to the XLSForm, I created a copy (Save As) and saved it with a different name (- Original). In the working version, I added my organization's logo in the Details screen (.png file, 300x300 pixels, see below).  I then added the same logo.png as a type 'note,' 'city_logo' name field in the XLSForm.  When saving the XLSForm, I received a no label error for the 'city_logo' field and for the 'generated_note_surveyDescription' name field, as neither had a label.  I inserted a label for each, and the form updated but now contained text/labels which I don't want.  To avoid an errant label, I found an HTML string, <font color=""></font>, (I think from an Esri blog), I can insert the two label cells, and the survey form updates as expected.  And looks nice (see below).  When I go to publish, I am prompted to add two fields, one is the city logo and the other is for a field I did nothing with (see below).  If I click on 'Add the following fields when publishing,' then 'Publish survey,' the publishing step hangs, and I have to end it using Windows Task Manager (which doesn't always work) or clicking on the X in the upper right corner of Connect.  I've tried publishing using labels other than the HTML, same hanging behavior.  We have a couple of other modifications we want to make to the survey which I was lead to believe we could modify in Connect.  Why am I prompted to Add the 'identify_water_service_line_mat' field which I did not touch?  Why is the publishing step failing?  Maybe it's just me, but I seem to keep breaking stuff in this solution.  Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance, Jay

PS I forgot to add when I run the Analyze Survey tool, I get a traceback error, substring not found.

Details Pane


Form Pane, with city logo as I would like it, no label strings on the logo or the 'Please complete....' statement.


Publishing warning


Add fields, publishing progress, then end with Task Manager.



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Update.  I did a Save As, and created a new Survey.  I used the Tools, tried 'Analyze survey,' errored.  Decided I had nothing to lose, so I ran the Update XLSForm template.  Worked.  Analyze survey no longer errors and produces the XLS table of the analys results.  I was successful at publishing the Survey following the modifications I made in the XLSForm, and Adding the fields during the publishing step.  A solution perhaps, but I still don't understand all that happened above.

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